7 Ways to Improve Yourself


Why improve yourself? Why try to be better? Because…why not?

John C. Maxwell asserts that the desire for self-improvement is written in our DNA. Wanting to improve yourself doesn’t mean that you’re never content with your life. It just means that you’re aware of how the world we live in is constantly changing—that what you know today may no longer be useful tomorrow.

Here are 7 simple ways to improve yourself.

(1) Read

Dr. Seuss explained it best: “The more that you read, the more things you will know.” Reading is like getting information and advice straight from the greatest minds who ever lived, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a hardcore book lover to get the same benefit. If you’re one of us netizens who live and breathe the internet, you have a treasure trove of information at your fingertips!

(2) Ask questions

Questions make us think. Innovations and discoveries are born because people asked questions and were driven to explore, investigate, and experiment. Asking questions does not mean that you are stupid; it just means that you’re constantly looking for ways to be better.

(3) Take a course

Information and tutorials are available online, and you can definitely learn a lot from them. But attending a course, seminar, or workshop may give you a more practical and hands-on training that you can apply to your work. Plus, you can get a certificate to add to your credentials!

(4) Start a personal project

Start a blog or website. Refurbish your grandpa’s old car. Create an animated short film (even with stick figures—hey, we all gotta start somewhere). Working on a project is a fun, productive way to hone your skills.

(5) Get feedback

Get your work out there and get feedback. There will always be trolls and mean people online and off, but there are also many people who are generous with both critique and advice, and they are the ones worth listening to. Seek feedback from trusted people, your superior, experts in your field – and be ready to accept compliments and criticisms equally.

(6) Work towards a goal

Having a goal drives us to work for it day after day, much like an archer who practices hard to hit the bull’s eye. Do something daily, no matter how small, that can get you closer to that goal.

(7) Be open to change

Change is required if you want to improve yourself. After all, you can’t move forward if you’re stuck in place.