Business Seminars and Workshops

Starting a business takes time, planning, and, of course, investment money. But don’t let that discourage you — being your own boss and working for yourself is possible if you have the right knowledge and information.

Here’s a list of business seminars that you can attend if you’re thinking of starting your own.

Entrepreneurship 101

by Center for Small Entrepreneurs

This is a FREE seminar that will equip you with the right concept of entrepreneurship and will help you identify areas of management that you need to strengthen to ensure growth and sustainability of your enterprise.


Start Your Own Business Enterprise (SYOBE)

by Center for Small Entrepreneurs

In this training workshop you will learn to invest your hard-earned money in a business that fits your personality. You will also learn how to prepare a realistic and well-designed Business Plan and become equipped with the business skills that you need before taking the plunge.


Accounting for a Merchandising Business (For non-accountants)

by LifeQuest Training and Consultancy Corporation

This course is for people who are not accountants but would like to know and learn how to keep accounts for a merchandising business. In this course, you will learn the different kinds of transactions of a merchandising business. You will also get to practice recording transactions in the accounting books and prepare financial statements.


Retail Management

by LifeQuest Training and Consultancy Corporation

This course is for people who are seriously planning to open and manage a retailing business, or considering a career in retail management. In this course, you will understand how to examine and analyze the retailing environment, and decide on the best strategy to enter it. You will then study how to identify and target customers, and choose the best location for a planned retailing business. You will also study the aspects of running the retailing business from human resource management to financial management.


e-Ntrepreneurship: Combining Business, Passion and Popular Technology (Hands-On Course)

by Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication 

This 16-hour hands-on course will cover the basics of e-Entrepreneurship using Social Network Sites, in particular, Facebook. If you want to make a business out of your passion — books, shirts, food, service, etc. — this course is for you. This course is a guided exploration of the tools and the basic techniques on how to create an online store front and do basic marketing tasks. It will also cover some payment mechanisms and delivery.

Business Tax Compliance: BIR Issuances and Rulings, Tax Requirements, Reconciliation Procedures and Other Administrative Requirements

by ARIVA! Events Management, Inc.

In this unique fun-filled seminar you will learn about

A. Registration of Taxpayers

• Who are required to register
• What are required to be registered
• When to register
• Where to register
• Change of Registration

B. Books of Accounts

• Who are required to keep books of accounts
• Kinds of Books of Accounts
• Registration of Books of Accounts
• Preservation of Books of Accounts

C. Invoices and Receipts

• Who are required to issue
• Authority to Print
• Principal Receipts/Invoices
• Supplementary Receipts/Invoices
• Validity of Invoices and Receipts

D. Tax Returns and Schedules

• Income Tax
• Value Added Tax
• Percentage Tax
• Expanded Withholding Tax
• Withholding Tax on Wages


Franchising for Filipino Entrepreneur

by Negoskwela

In this seminar, you will learn:

• the franchising concept
• types of franchising relationships
• franchising as a mutually beneficial business relationship
• what makes a good franchise (the foundation of franchising)
• relevant information you should know about the franchisor
• the franchising concept
• types of franchising relationships
• franchising as a mutually beneficial business relationship
• what makes a good franchise (the foundation of franchising)
• relevant information you should know about the franchisor, risk, and return trade off
• franchise processing flow, advantages for the franchisor, and advantages for the franchise


Laundry Business Seminar for Small Scale Operation

by BSC Training Institute

In this seminar you will get a full  view of the Laundry Industry in the Philippines and learn how to choose a proper location and what are the well-developed, effective, and tested systems and procedures for your operations and business management. You will also learn the important guidelines on buying laundry equipment, chemicals, and supplies as well as the most common errors and mistakes to avoid.


Basic Travel Agency Business & Operation

by Negoskwela

This seminar covers all useful information on starting a travel and tours business, such as documentation, logistical requirements, permits, licenses, pricing airline tickets, arranging tour packages & hotel bookings, visa application help & assistance, etc.


How to Start and Operate a Catering Business

by BSC Training Institute

Food Catering is one of the easiest small businesses to start up because you can get started in your own kitchen, but with the stiff competition present in the food catering industry it is wise that you know the ins and outs of the business to give you that significant competitive edge.