Courses to Improve Your Writing Skills if You’re Not a Writer


Your job description may not explicitly include “writing skills“, but in today’s workplace, you need good writing skills if you want to do your job well.

If your job requires you to send emails, write reports, create presentations, send proposals to clients, or provide technical/customer support via email or chat, then it means that you need good writing skills.

Of course, we’re not saying you need to be as good as a writer, journalist, copywriter, blogger, content specialist or PR person (unless that’s exactly what your job is). What’s important is to be able to communicate your messages and ideas clearly and effectively in a professional manner. Good writing skills help avoid miscommunication in the workplace and help you come across as more credible and competent.

Here are training courses and workshops that you can attend to improve your writing skills:

These are sessions focused on writing reports and business letters in English.

This program teaches participants the necessary skills in business writing, such as writing for a global market and writing business letters and other written communication in the workplace.

This seminar teaches attendees how to take the practical approach to business writing and learn how to apply the Five C’s of good writing.

Do you want to write better memos, letters, proposals, reports, or even emails that would generate best results for you and your organization? This workshop employs learning activities that help you make your business writing accessible, organized, easy to understand, and relevant.

In this course, participants will learn the nature and principles of technical writing, the technical writing process, and the content, style and form of technical writing.

This seminar teaches participants how to apply Five C’s of good writing using a practical approach to improve business correspondence.

This course is designed to prepare technically competent individuals to sharpen up their communication skills through written documents, whose importance to enhancing its individual competence is through preparation and analysis of common technical writing genres, such as emails, letters, resumes, memos, reports, technical descriptions, technical proposals and manuals.

This 30-hour course on Business and Technical Writing for the professionals aims to refresh the Filipino professional’s knowledge in one of the most important skills in English, the written skill. The main objective is to provide them with functional English that would come in handy in the work place (i.e. in making business correspondence, in handling meetings, in negotiating, etc.)

Having a solid business writing skills is an advantage you can use for interacting with your external and internal clients. More often than not, you converse with business people through e-mail rather than telephone or face-to-face exchanges. Effective Business and Technical Writing is a fast and efficient way to learn the essentials in communicating clearly and confidently.

This one-day seminar provides etiquette guidelines across various electronic media and devices. It provides practice sessions for different business scenarios that will help you communicate better in the digital world.

This one-day seminar provides etiquette guidelines across various electronic media and devices. It provides practice sessions for different business scenarios that will help you communicate better in the digital world.

Set quality standards that help employees increase productivity, avoid errors, and heighten credibility through a four-step process to writing.

Effective written communication builds rapport with clients, maintains productive relationships within the organization and contributes to the bottom line. This practical course helps you to write simple, effective and quick, written correspondence using easy step-by-step method.