Gusto mo bang mag-training? 3 Ways on How to Apply for TESDA Scholarship

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has been consistently promoting Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs to fill in high-demand and high-wage jobs that require practical skills here and abroad.

This effort consistently smashes the bad reputation that TVET has as education for “manual labor and dirty jobs” and as “the only option for troublemakers and low-achievers who can’t get into college.” TESDA continues to strengthen TVET as an alternative educational path for people who can’t (or don’t want to) go to college, or those who are more likely to maximize their potentials with practical skills training than academics.

Education is the main key to our country’s progress, and TVET contributes to the development of a skilled, competent workforce. In turn, TVET graduates get the benefits of having practical skills needed for jobs here and abroad. In fact, TVET graduates tend to find jobs compared to others, even college graduates, according to a 2012 study conducted by Asian Development Bank.

TESDA Scholarship and Student Assistance Programs

To give more people the opportunity to learn, TESDA provides different scholarship and financial assistance to deserving students.

1. Training for Work Scholarship Programs (TWSP)

This program provides immediate interventions to meet the need for highly critical skills.

2. Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)

This program offers educational grants to qualified and deserving college freshmen both in degree and non-degree courses.

3. Special Training for Employment Program (STEP)

The objective of this program is to provide skills training opportunities for the beneficiaries in the barangay communities to make them employable and productive.

You can check the details and guidelines on their website at

3 Ways on How to Apply for TESDA Scholarship

The good news is that if you meet the minimum requirements for the scholarship you want to apply for, it’s pretty easy to apply — you can even do it online!

3 Ways on How to Apply for TESDA Scholarship:

1. Go to the nearest TESDA accredited center/ Regional or Provincial office

• Inquire about availability of training and scholarship for your chosen course.
• Pick a date for your entrance exam, which will depend on the TESDA course that you want to take.
• An employee will provide the list of requirements.
• After submitting the requirements, an employee will get your contact number so they can update you on the starting date of the training program.

2. Go to your Barangay Hall

• Ask barangay officials for information on how to apply for TESDA programs.
• Ask for an application form.
• Some barangays have TESDA coordinators who receive the forms.

3. Online Application

Step 1 — Start New Application

1.1. Fill up the form.
1.2 Click CREATE Button.
1.3 Receive your Learner’s ID.
(Note: One time registration only. If you are already registered please proceed to Step 2)

STEP 2 — Select TESDA Training Program

2.1 Select Course
2.2 Enter your Lastname and Learner’s ID
2.3 Verify your Profile
2.4 Application complete.

STEP 3 — Feedback from TESDA Office

3.1 Check your email for the feedback of TESDA Office


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