Improve your typing skills with free online typing lessons

Touch typing is one of the most valuable skills that you need in this digital age. With most of our work being done on the computer these days, you’ll save a lot of time and increase your productivity if you can type 60 to 100 words per minute (wpm).

Even children can start learning how to type as early as seven years old. Teaching kids how to touch type can help improve their hand-eye coordination and letter recognition. Not to mention, this will help them develop a valuable skill that they can use for higher education and, eventually, in the workplace.

Free Online Typing Lessons

Here are some free online typing lessons that can help you learn how to touch-type and improve your typing skills. And nope, these are not your everyday dull, boring online lessons! These free typing websites provide a creative interface, entertaining typing games, typing tests and a real-time progress report, which measures your accuracy and typing speed.

If you’re a teacher, some of these free typing websites also provide school editions that you can use in your class, with teacher tools that allow you to keep track of your student progress.


TypingClub ( is a 100% free, ad free, Spam-free online typing program. You don’t need an account to take the lessons, but you will be prompted to create one if you want to save your progress. The lessons are divided per key set, and there are reviews after a few lessons to keep them fresh in your mind. There are also practice sets, lessons for numbers, symbols and other keys, and advance-level sets with typing speed goals.

TypingClub’s School Edition has a limited free option available, but if you want the full featured version you will have to pay a small fee.


TypingWeb ( is a free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial that provides entertaining typing games, typing tests and free official typing certification. The lessons are ideal for typists of any speed or skill level. Like TypingClub, you don’t need to create an account to take the lessons, but you will need one to save your progress.

TypingWeb is free even for use in schools, and boasts a proven curriculum that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards Initiative for Writing. The teacher portal allows creation, full administration and management of an unlimited number of student accounts. It also has courses for all student levels (from beginner to advance to specialty) and tools for tracking student progress. However, if you don’t want ads in your school account, you will have to pay a small fee to have them removed.


PowerTyping ( is an online free typing tutor for Qwerty – US Standard 101 keyboard and Dvorak keyboard. Compared to the first two sites, PowerTyping’s interface may look outdated and full of ads, but it provides fun and challenging typing tests and typing games.


Sense-lang ( has been providing free typing courses since 2001. They provide free online typing lessons, keyboarding skills practice, animated tutorials, typing tests that involve actual typing of articles, certification and typing games.



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