Upcoming Weekend Classes

We all want to keep learning and developing ourselves, but most of us simply can’t attend training classes on weekdays due to work. Good thing is that training providers understand this and a lot of them are now offering classes on Saturdays and even Sundays!

We checked our magical list of courses at SpeedyCourse and took it upon ourselves to compile this list of weekend classes, workshops, and training courses for you:


Technology & Digital Arts

• Form Function & Class 9: Front-End Development & Web Design Masterclass

3D Animation & Special Effects (AutoDesk 3D SMAX)

•  WordPress


•  Floral Design Course

•  Leagues and Legends: Building Guilds, Houses and Other Affiliations in Fiction (A Writing Workshop for Teens)

Cooking & Baking

•  Bars and Truffles Baking Workshop

•  Simply Cheesecakes Workshop

•  Butchery, Meat Cutting, Meat Shop Operation and Meat Processing Seminar

•  Cupcakes and Muffins

Health & Medicine

•  Healing Attitudes, Loving Essence (HALE)


•  Free Orientation on Korean Language Training

•  30 hours Japanese N5 Beginner 1 Level – Saturday Classes

•  Free Orientation for Study & Work in Japan Program


•  Free Trial Session in the QC Dojo of IGA Kendo Club Philippines

•  #KidsKendoIt3 at the City Club – Kendo summer program for ages 5 and up

Personal Finance

•  The Five Core Principles of Money: Onward Towards Financial Freedom

Business & Workplace

•  Pet Grooming and Hygiene

•  Be WAHMazing: Jumpstart your Way to being a Work-at-Home Mom (Online English Teaching Edition)

•  Online Selling 102: Branding and Online Marketing for Mompreneurs/Femalepreneurs

•  A Crash Course in Social Media Marketing

•  Social Media Marketing for Businesses

•  How To Engage in Exportation

•  Supply Chain Management

•  How to Import: Procedures and Documentations

•  Freight Forwarding and Multimodal Transport

•  Professional Image Enhancement Workshop

•  Training Evaluation: Measuring the Impact of Training

•  Managing the Millennials

•  Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

•  Basic Supervisory Skills Training

•  Advanced Supervisory Skills Training

•  How to Compute Salaries, Wages, and Benefits

•  Presentation Mastery and The Art of Storytelling

•  Leadership Training and Corporate Branding

•  Personality Development and Corporate Competence

•  Fundamentals of HR for Non-HR

•  Conducting Interviews, Recruitment and Selection Process

•  Seminar on Philippine Standards on Auditing (PSA)

•  Certified Professional Manager Mini MBA (Batch 40)

•  Collection Remedies: Preserving your Credit

•  Procurement & Effective Negotiation Skills